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Considering a Career?

Accountant's green eyeshade Considering an accounting career in San Francisco? If you join a CPA firm to earn your certificate, you'll be working for partners who are homosexual gangsters. If they seem aloof, superior, and living in a world of their own, that's because they're trying to intimidate you. They're afraid of you. As Hal the Pig told me, "The employee is the enemy."

Once you've put your public accounting years mercifully behind you, you still won't be entirely free of their influence. They're hugely concerned with maintaining a reputation of spotless perfection. If you make the mistake of saying or doing anything, even inadvertently, which threatens their precious image, you will encounter a stiff headwind. Fact is, I've never known an accountant who would talk about his or her experiences in public accounting in more than a few carefully chosen words.

The idea is to make a living. There's no shame in working for criminals in order to better oneself and get beyond them. Just don't forget who rules the profession (or think they do). They'll band together to support each other as the weak will support the weak.

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