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How the Peepies Enforce Mob Rule

Poster with Big Brother's face How does any mob enforce its rule? By intimidation, of course. In the case of Our Construct, the Peepies' most fundamental principle of intimidation is the Orwellian concept, "Big Brother is watching you."

The Peepies won't intimidate you by threatening physical violence. They're far too cowardly for that. "We don't like to leave physical scars, just mental ones," they say. Instead, their intimidation methods follow from their sexual perversion. They'll try to invade your privacy so thoroughly that they'll rob you of any sense of control over your life. "After awhile," they say, "his life is not his own."

They'll try to convey the impression that they represent an authoritative, threatening, potentially punishing force which is observing your every move. Actually, they're just a bunch of sick wimps.

They do nothing illegal. "We do things there aren't any laws against." When laws need to be broken they pay others to break them. They love to take responsibility for events having nothing to do with them. They hope that will make them seem more powerful.

One is struck by the silliness of what they do. One is reminded that they are, after all, ridiculous fairies with psycho-sexual dysfunctions so severe that they absolutely despise themselves.

Devil's mask Everything they do is fueled by self-loathing. They hate themselves for being the way they are and they hate everyone else for not being the way they are. The path is short from "I hate me" to "I hate you," and its name is jealousy. Their resentment of others fans their hatred and breeds hunger for revenge. Criminality provides them the means to level the playing field. Banding together as a mob, through crime they feel they become just as good, just as powerful, as anyone else.

Privacy invasion for the Peepies is equivalent to fondling male genitals. They start by establishing surveillance. They'll plant a listening device (bug) in your home, typically under a floor, above a ceiling, or in an adjoining wall. They get a kick out of imagining what you're doing based on the sounds you make. One of their hired FBI agents will tap your phone and gain access to your computer. Peepies will follow you around to find out where you go.

This combination of aural and visual surveillance educates the Peepies as to the content of your life. Additional information is gained by reading your mail, stealing your trash, talking to people who know you, and other similar means. They'll follow you into a store and ask a clerk what you bought. The more they can find out about you, the more ways they'll have to invade your privacy. They'll try to convince you that everything you do is being observed. More than that, they want to torture you with the knowledge that they're involved in your life and there's nothing you can do about it.

Talking Behind Your Back

Someone speaking In order to convince you they're involved in your life, they have to be able to communicate with you. Their primary means of accomplishing this is to talk within your hearing behind your back. This is the Peepies' most important, most consistently used intimidation tool. It's how they let you know you're being observed.

They take advantage of the fact that people interpret being talked about as threatening, even though no threat exists. They'll wait until they think you're distracted and speak in a low voice. They don't want you to hear them clearly, but to remember what they said later. That's for their own protection. They don't want you turn on them. As one Peepie put it, "We drip poison in their ears while they're distracted. When they're distracted they're defenseless. They can't retaliate."

Talking behind your back can be done when following you around or within your hearing but out of your sight anywhere you are. In my case they like to deliver their baloney most often from an area of the basement in my building where there are no surveillance cameras, directly below my apartment. They'll follow you into an office building, a medical facility, or anywhere else. They'll talk behind your back and try to make you think that the people who work there are talking about you. If you work in an office, they'll talk about you from a nearby cubicle. There's virtually no limit to their inventiveness.

Two people talking There are always two of them. This arrangement provides mutual moral support, gives them an aura of authority, and makes them more intimidating than just one person would be. That's important in case they get interrupted unexpectedly. The talking is done in a format that never, never varies. It's a kind of play-acting performed from a prepared script that takes the form of question and answer. One Peepie asks a question which is usually inaudible and can only be inferred from the answer, and the second Peepie responds. The answer is always delivered in the same odd tone of voice. I once asked a Peepie what it meant. He said it was supposed to represent a conversation between jailers.

The answer is what they want you to remember. It can contain only two components, either a phony story designed to influence your perceptions, or a report of what you've been observed doing, or both. In every single case the dialog is intended to "give you something to think about."

Here are a few things the Peepies will talk about. Everything they'll say will be false except their observations of your own behavior. These are included for the sole purpose of convincing you that you're being watched. All the rest of their imaginary nonsense is designed either to make you feel badly in some way, sad, apprehensive, angry, etc., or to motivate you to take some action not in your best interest.

  • People you know, including phony stories about them and how they relate to you
  • People close to you, in order to drive a wedge between you
  • People you work with, in order to turn them against you
  • Any emotion they've seen you display
  • False compliments designed to get you to overstep your bounds
  • False information designed to raise your hopes

Home Invasion

Open door The Peepie's second most important intimidation tool is home invasion. By its nature it can't be done as often as talking behind your back, but it's at least as intimidating and has a longer lasting effect. The talking usually makes little sense and quickly gets forgotten.

Home invasion works because the Peepies are aware beforehand of any arrangement you've made to let someone into your home whom you don't know. It could be a TV repair man, a plumber, etc. They're aware because of their continuous bugging of your home and telephone. Either they'll pay an imposter to masquerade as someone you'd ordinarily let in willingly, or they'll pay a real person such as an actual cable installer with whom you have an appointment.

Once inside, the hireling will follow the instructions he's been given. He may say or do something that makes you realize he's not who you thought he was; take pictures, for example. He'll be gone before 911 arrives. On the other hand, you may not realize what he's done until later. Often he'll report back to the Peepies what he's seen, and the Peepies will report back to you what's been reported to them by talking behind your back, just to let you know your home has been invaded and you're under observation.

Aerosol spray can Here's an example of how a Peepie home invasion works. My landlord required me to open my apartment for people from the building inspector's office. The Peepies knew about it in advance because they and their FBI hired help were bugging my apartment and tapping my phone. I couldn't believe what happened. One of these so-called inspectors stood directly in front of each of my stereo speakers and sprayed them, one by one, with an invisible substance from a can. I found out later it was an aerosol gas containing vermin that was supposed to rot rubber.

I'm a hi-fi enthusiast. I splurged on my speakers. It'd take a battlefield tank to damage them. The spray faggot took several quick photos and ran out the door. Another gay imposter wanted to open every cabinet and peek into every drawer. These perverts were getting their thrills!

Germ Warfare

Microbes If you're still resisting the Peepies after they've talked behind your back countless times and invaded your home, they'll resort to intimidation tool number three, flesh eating bacteria. This is the "germ warfare" Curly told me about. It's some kind of controlled substance they spray on you when you're walking down the street or in some other exposed location. They'll walk right up to you and spray you from a couple of feet away and you'll never know it. They won't look at you, the spray makes no sound, and they'll only spray your clothes so you can't feel it. Whatever it is seeps through your clothes and eats into your skin, creating itchy red sore spots that last about six months.

Direct Confrontation

'Whoa' sign The Peepies generally avoid direct confrontation. That's because they don't want to show their faces so you'll recognize them if you see them again. However, there are exceptions. They'll use direct confrontation when its unavoidable, such as when delivering a "pep talk." They'll also use direct confrontation when they feel that their other intimidation methods are not having the desired effect. In these cases the sole purpose is intimidation. They'll pretend to represent unassailable authority. As one of then put it, "We try to project an aura of invincibility." Example: One of them approached me on the street, stood about a foot away from me, and delivered the following ominous pronouncement, "Someone is trying to teach you a lesson you don't want to learn." Another example: "What would you do if you couldn't find work?"

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