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The Casting Couch

Master Tax Guide Commerce Clearing House, on the web at, is a Chicago publisher of tax related materials for the accounting and legal professions. Its "U.S. Master Tax Guide," an elementary-level explanatory handbook, is widely used in accounting firms as an aid to auditors who are required to prepare tax returns for their firm's clients while possessing only rudimentary knowledge of tax concepts. The book can be useful, but it's notorious for its errors.

After I left (actually, was ushered out of) my job as tax manager at The Three Stooges' CPA firm, I applied for a job at CCH's Terra Linda office just north of San Francisco. It was at the top of a steep hill. I think this office is closed now; I couldn't find it by googling.

They were looking for a tax professional to contribute written pieces to their tax publications, primarily the Master Tax Guide. This was a perfect job for me, I thought. I had spent years writing up the tax statutes in order to learn them, and now I could get paid for doing the same thing I'd been doing all along. In addition, I'd be able to improve the guide by getting rid of the errors.

My first interview went well. I submitted a writing sample and went back for a second interview, this time with the office manager. He was a lawyer who sat behind a big desk in a large office. We stood and chatted amiably for a few minutes, then he invited me to sit down on a couch across the room form his desk. I did so, and he walked over from behind his desk and sat down next to me.

Nude woman lying on a couch "Your chances of getting this job will be a lot better if you let me touch you," he said. "You could call this the casting couch."

I was beyond astonished. "If you touch me," I snarled, "I'll kick your teeth down your throat."

Do you think I got the job?

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