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Faggy Boys Inc.

FBI logo The question "Is FBI corrupt?" is irrelevant. The important question is "To what extent is FBI corrupt?" The answer can be expressed as a percentage of the total number of agents employed by FBI.

FBI agents routinely hire themselves out to the private sector to perform specific tasks on an as needed basis. This is not, peer se, a bad thing. Problems arise, however, when those tasks turn out to be criminal in nature. Many agents feel that, in order to maximize their income, they need to "work both sides of the street." And why not? FBI buries them so deeply in anonymity that they can't be identified or apprehended.

The question becomes "What percentage of FBI's agents are working both sides of the street?" My guess is at least 50%. If I actually knew the truth, the answer might be closer to 90%.

With so many of its agents involved in criminal activities, with its policy of permissiveness toward the criminal organization Our Construct in order to serve its own interests, and with its illegal violation at will of the privacy rights of individuals when conducting so-called "legitimate" investigations, FBI must be regarded as a criminal agency. Unfortunately, my complaints to Congress, which funds FBI, as well as my attempt to contact the president himself, who appoints the director, have all been ignored. Maybe the politicians, whom we elect to represent our interests, already are aware of the extent of FBI corruption and regard it as something it's OK or necessary for themselves and the rest of us to live with.

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