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My circus adventures in the midst of San Francisco's criminal mob of homosexual Peeping Toms

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Freaky Me

Electrostatic discharge I’ve tried to remain objective in recounting my adventures. Nevertheless, I'd be less than truthful if I tried to pretend that none of the events I've chronicled has ever affected me.

A week after my home was invaded by a phony plumber and his accomplice, anger got the best of me.

I'd just finished dinner. Suddenly I was gripped by a fury as powerful as it was self-righteous. I stripped down to my underwear, grabbed my unloaded gun, and stormed out of my apartment hell-bent on wreaking havoc. I headed upstairs on a mission to rape, burn, pillage, and destroy.

I pounded on my upstairs neighbor's door. I knew a young woman lived there. She opened the door.

"If you give me any trouble I'll rape you," I menaced.

She gave me a pitying look. I came to my senses. I apologized as best I could and assured her I was aware that the only thing I was accomplishing was making a fool of myself.

"I'd call the police," she said, "except I feel sorry for you."

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