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A happy pig Hal

Hal was a homosexual Certified Public Accountant. He used to be a partner in a San Francisco CPA firm before it went broke. He was average height but grotesquely obese. He must have weighed close to 400 pounds.

Hal hired me to work for his company as a tax accountant. He convinced me to quit the job I had and to go to work for him by telling me that my new job would be long term with a bright future. Two months later he informed me I was being laid off.

He called me into his office, closed the door, and proceeded to explain how the public accounting profession operates in San Francisco. His purpose was to discourage me from retaliating for having been hired under false pretenses.

This revolting, perverted bloat insisted that the CPA business is all about "survival of the fittest." He said all CPA firms need to hire people temporarily from time to time, and they all have to lie occasionally in order to do it. He pointed out that this dishonest practice was not illegal. A firm could always claim it ran out of work as the reason for terminating a recent hire. "The object is to survive," he asserted, "and the end justifies the means."

"The employee is the enemy," he continued. He explained that employees can see the inconsistencies of CPA firm operations, while the partners attempt to present a seamless picture to their clients. "Employees can become rebellious after they leave. Clients can get upset." Forming an alliance with FBI agents "is for our own protection."

He revealed that San Francisco CPA firms keep advised of potential federal regulatory inquiries concerning their clients by paying FBI informants. "We use FBI's own weapons [their own agents] against them," he boasted.

He assured me that CPA firms can control the futures of their employees. He stated that most companies have audit committees at the board of directors level. That puts accounting firm managers such as himself in a position to make recommendations concerning prospective employees directly to the top of a company. He claimed that CPA firm partners can make or break careers. "Might makes right," he declared.

He revealed that all CPA firms keep a log of their current and former employees at a single secret address on the Internet. "We can blackball you," he threatened. He told me it had been done twice before. One person had to leave town to find work. The other "just disappeared," he shrugged. "We don't know what happened to him."

I looked this pig straight in the snout. "If you mess with my livelihood," I vowed, "I will bring your house down."

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