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Pretty girl smiling Katie

I first met Katie when she was still in her twenties. Our initial encounter was quite extraordinary. I looked at her, and I knew her. She possessed a combination of strength and vulnerability that was immediately striking. Clearly she was a survivor of difficulties, but she bore a relentless determination to seek out and pursue the positive.

Like most of us, she was concerned with safety; safety in the form of a stable marriage, safety in the form of a good job, safety in the form of a home she could own. Her strength of character and independent spirit masked her fragility. Deep inside that stalwart woman a little girl was crying inconsolably.

Even when Katie got mad she didn't lose her temper. I attributed that partly to good breeding and natural feminine reticence, but also to the power of her fundamental predilection for the positive. On the other hand, it was strongly advisable never to mess with her. She could bite off your head.

She was just as intelligent as she was pretty, and she was an exceptionally pretty girl. She had her dark corners, to be sure, but she was filled with sunlight. She was a force to be reckoned with, by her own exuberant example a one-in-a-million advocate for life. To the poison I'd been inhaling for so many years, Katie was the antidote.

When I contemplate the disgusting garbage can-full of circus perverts I've had to dirty my hands with over the course of my adventures, when I reflect upon their self-loathing, their cowardice, their embrace of negativity, their unremitting quest to tear down rather than build up and to do as much damage as possible in the process, I always arrive at the same triumphant conclusion. One Katie defeats a thousand scumbag fag clowns. I am at peace.

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