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Question mark The events I've chronicled in my adventures occurred between 1989 and the present. Now it's 2018. Has anything changed in thirty years? Click on each heading to compare the original.

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Will San Francisco always be the haven for an FBI supported, out of control gang of homosexual Peeping Toms?

I decided to find out by asking the mayor and the police chief. I sent them both identical letters.

My name is.... I'm the author of the website "Here in Peep Town,"

A handful of homosexual Peeping Toms and their FBI accomplices has been holding San Francisco captive for decades. These perverts have the ability to invade the privacy of anyone at all, including you, and they do so at will. Personally, I'm tired of having my apartment bugged, my cell phone tapped, my computer monitored, and my mail stolen.

What, if anything, do you propose to do to liberate San Francisco from these criminals and restore privacy to the citizenry? Your response to this letter, or the fact that you chose not to respond, will be published on my website at for the world to read.

cc: Mayor London N. Breed, Chief William Scott

Here is Mayor Breed's proof of receipt of my letter.

Here is her reply.

The Postal So-called Police USPS logo

The letter I sent to Chief William Scott by certified mail never got delivered. It disappeared from within the postal system. So I sent him a second copy of the same letter, again by certified mail. Once again, it wasn't delivered. It disappeared again from within the postal system. Here are my receipts.

Do you think the letters were lost? My odds of winning the state lottery are better than the odds of two certified mail letters identically addressed being lost in succession by accident.

What do you think I should do? Should I call Inspector Louie and tell him that two certified mail letters have been stolen? Do you think I should go online and fill out a couple of forms? I didn't think so.

Katie Pretty girl smiling

Katie was the girl of my dreams. There was much between us, but we never even kissed. One day, as if enchanted, she turned her back to me, walked away, and vanished into her marriage, all without speaking a single word. Every joy was ripped from my heart.

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