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My circus adventures in the midst of San Francisco's criminal mob of homosexual Peeping Toms

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A Peepie Primer

Binoculars Every mob needs enforcers, but Our Construct's enforcers are comedic. They're homosexual Peeping Toms. For these clowns, life's greatest thrill consists of peeking into another man's private affairs. For them it's like fondling his private parts.

What fascinates me most about these Peepies is not the nature of their perversion; after all, the world is full of weirdos and losers, but rather the lengths to which they'll go to indulge their sickness. Their favorite activity is talking behind a man's back within his hearing to let him know he's being observed. Here are some other activities they're especially fond of:

  • Steal garbage
  • Steal cast off belongings
  • Steal personal possessions
  • Read and steal mail
  • Tap a telephone
  • Follow someone around
  • Learn someone's income
  • Obtain someone's tax return
  • Monitor a personal computer
  • View credit card and bank account activity
  • Bug a home
  • Break into a home
  • Photograph the interior of a home

The Peepies can't accomplish all this without a lot of help from their friends. They pay FBI agents for surveillance equipment and spying knowhow, they pay service people like telephone technicians and cable installers to invade homes, they pay post office employees to steal mail, and they pay criminals from outside their organization to perform a variety of tasks on an as needed basis.

Accomplices can be recruited from any walk of life. They can be criminals or ordinary citizens. They're often given encouragement by what Mo called a "pep talk." The potential recruit is told a story designed to convince him or her that the Peepie's intended victim deserves especially nasty treatment. Sometimes I'm supposed to be a child molester on parole; other times I killed a little girl with my car and go around laughing about it.

What the Peepies usually want from an accomplice is some sort of privacy invasion, but that's not always the case. One of their favorite tactics is to tell an apartment dweller's neighbor to make enough noise to keep him awake at night. Almost any annoyance will do. Once a Peepie persuaded my upstairs neighbor to throw dirty water on my freshly cleaned living room windows. Cheap thrill!

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