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Robert the Pervert

Yardstick Robert the Pervert was a Peepie enforcer. He was about five and a half feet tall. He hated being short. His homosexual lover was The Midget. The Midget was no more than five feet tall. Robert loved The Midget because The Midget made him feel tall. The Midget loved Robert because someone taller than he needed him.

Robert was a terrorist. He said so himself.

Robert was insecure. He needed to remind me that he existed. He wrote silly play scripts for his fairy friends to perform with him outside my door in the middle of the night. They would create adversarial or hierarchical relationships between their characters. They got a kick out of impersonating FBI agents and pretending to arrest each other.

Robert told me that, if not for the vagaries of fate, he and his friends all would be big Hollywood stars. Well, he certainly was...unusual.

Robert was jealous of me. He wanted to annoy me. He tried to get my neighbors to keep me awake at night. To convince them to cooperate he'd give them a "pep talk." He'd tell them a made-up story that made me seem like a horrible person. According to one of his stories, I'm supposed to have run over a little girl with my car and laughed about it afterword. In another story I was a child molester on parole. Ooh! how Robert hated me!

Shh! Robert the Pervert was in love with me.

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