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The Cable Guy

Comcast logo AT&T's DSL service was so miserably unreliable that I decided to switch to Comcast cable. I made an appointment and the installer came over to my apartment. He was a great fat oaf who could barely squeeze himself behind my computer to make the connection.

I left him to his own devices and went about my business. When I returned to check on his progress, I saw him holding a stainless steel aerosol canister about six inches high and four inches in diameter. He was spraying it around the room. "What's that?" I asked. "Air freshener," he replied. Since there was no need for air freshener, I figured he had more than just a weight problem.

He finished the installation and left. A few days later my hands and arms began to itch. Within weeks my arms up to my elbows and my legs up to my knees were covered with itchy red splotches. The Peepies had paid the Comcast cable guy to spray flesh eating bacteria. Germ warfare!

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