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A Visit from the Plumber

Plumber's helper Early in the evening of September 24, 2012 I heard a knock on my front door. I opened it to find a swarthy hulk of a gentleman staring at me.

"I'm the plumber," he declared.

"You're kind of late, aren't you?" I observed.

"In my job, working late is often a necessity," he assured me.

I was expecting a plumber to come to repair a leak in my bathroom ceiling. I had no reason not to believe this was he. A nondescript individual was standing behind him.

"This is my assistant," he explained. "Show me the leak."

I led him into the bathroom. Behind me the assistant made a bee-line to my music room.

The plumber looked at the stains on the bathroom floor from the leak and announced, "Mr. [using my last name], I recommend that you step around these stains."

The assistant returned. "Have you taken care of business?" the plumber asked.

"In spades," he replied smugly.

"What business is that?" I asked.

Aerosol spray can "I doused your speakers," he answered.

He'd sprayed my stereo speakers with an aerosol gas that contained microorganisms he thought would rot them.

"You'll both have to leave," I told them.

They refused. I called 911.

We heard a siren approaching. The plumber turned to his assistant. "They say we can leave. We've established a presence." He was getting instructions from the Peepies through a wireless earpiece.

They left, but the siren wasn't 911. 911 never showed up.

The Follow-up

Some time later I heard another knock on my door. I opened it to find a freshly scrubbed, meticulously clean-shaven faggot all pink and white, of medium height with babyish features.

"Now what?" I asked incredulously.

I engaged this vision of innocence in conversation. I needed to find out what manner of marvel I was dealing with. It turned out that the pussy couldn't find a job and was leaving town to go back to wherever he'd come from to live with his mother. This ridiculous wimp informed me that harassment by the Peepies would stop if I'd take down this web site. He said the Peepies would pay me $100 a month if I'd do it. He threatened me with dire consequences if I didn't accept the offer.

After I stopped laughing, I delivered a few choice observations and sent him packing.

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