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The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges The Three Stooges were joint owners of a San Francisco public accounting firm where I was employed as tax manager. All three were Certified Public Accountants, and all three were certifiable homosexual gangsters.

These clowns actually took themselves seriously. They regarded themselves as big, bad. and dangerous. The more evil they could convince themselves that that's what they were, the prouder of themselves they became.

Larry Larry of The Three Stooges

Of the three, Larry was the only one I had any respect for and the one I felt sorriest for. He had real ability, but he squandered it by his allegiance to the mob. He hated my guts for not being gay. He hated his own guts for being gay.

Curly Curly of The Three Stooges

A pathetic creature, Curly was afflicted with a case of self-loathing so severe it was funny. He made me wonder which reigned uppermost in his feelings, jealousy of me or contempt for himself. He kept asking me to look at his fingers and tell him if I thought they were ugly. How weird is that? There wasn't anything wrong with his fingers that I could see.

He told me several times, referring to the other two partners, "You're everything they want to be and everything they can't be," exempting himself from his own observation. He used to call me "Daniel in the lions' den" he, of course, being a lion. He told me he considered himself a terrorist. "We feel a kinship with Muslim terrorists," he stated. "We feel that we're their brothers in spirit." I thought he had plenty in common with a suicide bomber. "We use germ warfare," he boasted cryptically.

When I finally got fired he announced, "Competition being what it is, we can't allow you to pursue your career anyplace around here. [He meant I'd be prevented from working for a rival accounting firm.] You might not understand right away, but once you realize what's happening to you, your reaction might not be in your own best interest. So we've asked some people to watch over you."

The "people" turned out to be the Peepies.

Mo Mo of The Three Stooges

The other partners had their this's and that's, but Mo had this's, that's, and then some's. He was so thoroughly a fake that he was actually afraid of me. Seldom have I encountered a weaker, more cowardly individual.

He delighted in fooling people. He ran a phony charity until he got caught and had to give back all the money he'd collected. He told me he longed to be admitted to the Peepies' inner circle but I guess they didn't trust him. Still, he was an excellent source of information about mob tactics.

On how Our Construct's Peepie enforcers deal with their enemies (and how they would deal with me):

"We like to plant listening devices, then try to imagine what they're doing."

"We attack them in their homes. That's where they think they're strongest, but it's actually where they're most vulnerable. How do we get in? They let us in. They don't know who we are."

"We enjoy planning things and watching them work out. Then we critique ourselves on how closely the actual results conform to our expectations. After we do a number on someone we critique ourselves. We ask ourselves how successful we were."

On how Our Construct find new recruits:

"We run an ad [a classified ad for an unemployed accountant or recent grad who's new in town]. Then we show them around the City. We take them to one neighborhood, then we take them to another. We ask them where they'd prefer to live. If they don't get the message, we give up on them."

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